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Verizon FIOS and Rules for the DVR


I   would like to thank my wonderful partner Verizon FIOS for sponsoring this article. Please note that all the opinions and delight with Verizon FIOS are my own.


If you have been reading this blog for a while you know that I absolutely adore my Verizon FIOS service.  You can go to Verizon’s website, check to see if there is service in your area, and then sign up to have a friendly technician help you with the installation.

I have one of the amazing Verizon FIOS bundles. This means that Verizon gives me crystal clear landline telephone service, lightning fast internet service, and amazing high-definition television.  I use the home phone all the time. I don’t think I am ever not connected to the internet.  One thing I almost never get to use is the television.  At our house, we have two televisions. One of the televisions is in my husband’s office, so I cannot take over that one. The other television is always taken by my children. When I want to see a television show, I have to watch using the FIOS app on my phone, tablet or laptop. I do give the DVR quite a workout.

The Verizon FIOS DVR allows you to record about 200 hours of television. That is a lot of television.  SO I thought my DVR recordings would be safe.  But no that is not the case. Two weeks ago, for some unknown reason, my darling husband of 27 years deleted the last two episodes of ” The Blacklist.” What the heck? Where do they do things like that? I asked him why he would do such a terrible thing to me. He said he deleted it because I had seen it. So what! I watch each episode of that show at least 5 times (a day, for weeks).


Check out these photos, they show you almost our entire set of DVR recordings.



There is plenty there that he could have deleted!  Why oh why did he touch  “The Blacklist?”


Of course, I told everyone I know what happened and it prompted me to come up with some DVR rules. I haven’t shared these with my husband yet, but we will talk about them within the next few days.  For your viewing pleasure and enjoyment, here are my rules.


  1. Do not delete “The Blacklist” period. Just don’t do it.
  2. Do not delete any show wife/mom recorded, period. Just don’t do it.
  3. Do not delete any show recorded by a person whose name is on the deed to the house.
  4. If you record it and you are not wife/mom watch it within one week and then delete it.
  5. For the love of all things good and reasonable, stop recording “Dog with a Blog” when you don’t read your mom’s blog.
  6. Do not record shows your parents would not let you watch if you are under 21 years of age.
  7. Do not delete “The Blacklist” period. Just don’t do it. (It bears repeating.)


Here are some rules my family came up with:

Twin  C – delete stuff after you watch it


Twin Z – if you record something  watch it and ask if anyone else wants to see it before you delete it

Spelie –  watch your stuff in a reasonable time


Husband – be kind, rewind (this shows his age)

Here are a few quick rules from some of my friends:

Rachee Fagg from Say it Rah-shay says:  Only delete YOUR shows!

Raya Fagg from And Starring as Herself Mrs. RKFJ says:  Don’t delete Judge Judy. Ever. Any show over 6 months is fair deletion game. Don’t record anything that is on Netflix, Hulu, or on Demand.

Michelle Garrett from Divas with a Purpose says – Shows that come on every day all day are not to be recorded. Unless it’s me recording them.  5 Entire seasons of your favorite show are not to be left on the DVR. Again, unless it’s my show(s).

As these rules show, the DVR recording list is not to be played with, it is serious business.  In the comments below, share some of the DVR rules for your family. Are you laid back and easy-going like my husband or are you a DVR control freak like me? Share your DVR philosophy in the comments below.