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Verizon FIOS- Come for the Speed – Enjoy the Extras

Thank you to my partner Verizon FIOS for sponsoring this article. All opinions found her are strictly my own.
Verizon Fios come for the super fast speed and enjoy the extras.


When I first became a Verizon FIOS customer, it was because my then internet service provider was going out of business. I needed a replacement that was fast, reliable and at a great price. When I heard about Verizon FIOS, I thought – check, check and check.  The landline phone is not dead. It is quite convenient for my nine-year-olds, in particular, to have a home phone number to share with their friends. It allows them to do one of the favorite things of young girls – talk on the phone for hours. The television reception and channel selection are amazing. Now truth be told, I never get to watch the actual television.  I watch 90% of my shows on my phone or tablet device using the FIOS app.  The internet speed is amazing. I can upload and download at the same speed. Right now FIOS had plans for 100 Mbps, 300 Mbps and 500 Mbps. All of these things make is easy to really like Verizon FIOS>


Some of my favorite things about Verizon FIOS are the extras.


  1. FIOS Mobile App
  2. Email Updates
  3. Advanced Extras



FIOS Mobile App

The FIOS Mobile App addition to the Verizon FIOS group of products.  The app allows you to use your mobile phone to watch live television, use the DVR and watch shows and movies in your library. In addition, the FIOS app can be used as a remote control for your television. I am not going to say that from rooms away I drove my family members crazy by changing the channels on my app while they watched television, but . . .


Email Updates

When you become a Verizon FIOS customer, you have the option of getting emails from Verizon from time to time telling you all about great programs, features and things going on with Verizon FIOS. For example, last week, Verizon reminded me of the Rewards Program that gives you points for paying your bill on time and for referring friends to become FIOS customers. The rewards points can be used for a variety of great things including:

  • Taking your family out to dinner
  • Renting FIOS On Demand movies
  • Getting prepaid Mastercards
  • Entering amazing sweepstakes



Advanced Extras

When you buy select movies on FIOS there is an amazing new feature called advanced extras. Advanced extras give you access to extended scenes, galleries, behind-the-scenes- footage and more. For example, with the movie King Arthur, some of the advanced extras include:

Inside the Cut – stunt choreographer Eunice Huthart explains how she created the mind-blowing action

The Legend of the Making of King Arthur – take a unique journey behind the scenes

Parry and Bleed – Charlie Hunnam and the cast take a crash course in swordpay


I am a Verizon FIOS fan. I like it for all the ways it makes my life easier, more enjoyable and easier to manage. My entire family enjoys all parts of our FIOS bundle. Follow me on social Facebook to read stories about how my family uses and enjoys Verizon FIOS. But, better than all that, go to the Verizon FIOS website, see if FIOS is available in your neighborhood and then go get a Verizon FIOS  bundle of your own and start enjoying Verizon FIOS for yourself.

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