• Mon. Oct 18th, 2021

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Verizon FIOS it’s as Easy as A-B-C and 1-2-3

I would like to thank my partner Verizon FIOS for sponsoring this article and allowing my to share my honest opinions about the wonders of Verizon FIOS.

You know, one of the best things about Verizon FIOS is that it is as easy as A-B-C and 1-2-3!

I have been a Verizon FIOS customer for quite a while now. I have one of the amazing FIOS bundles. This means I have television, internet, and landline phone service.  If you have been around here, you know that the television has amazing high-definition channels. You know the internet is faster than anything anyone else has. You know the phone service is crystal clear and how great it is to have a phone without having to charge it!

If you want to get Verizon FIOS for yourself, the first thing you must do is find out if you are able to get Verizon FIOS in your area.

Verizon FIOS’  internet speed is faster than you need. Do a speed test to check the speed of your current internet provider    I am always amazed at the speed of m by Verizon FIOS internet. Before I became a FIOS customer my internet provider had a top speed of about 12 Mbps. FIOS laughs at that speed. I do not have the fastest speed available with FIOS, but I clock about 79 Mbps upload and download. Keep in mind that is my speed with about 10 different devices running at a time at my house. Click here to get information about FIOS’ amazing gigabit connection.

Once you have selected the Verizon FIOS bundle that will work best for your family, check out the parental controls. Parental Controls is a free software program that you can use to help keep your family safe on the internet. I like the fact that it allows you to block access to certain websites and allows you to choose who can use the internet and when the internet can be used.

In addition to how great Verizon FIOS is as a piece of technology, my favorite thing about it is how it can be used to make life better.. This summer I am helping to run a Book and Box Lunch program at my church. Children come in, get a delicious boxed lunch and a new book. In addition, we teach them writing, arts and crafts, and STEM. Verizon FIOS makes it possible for us to quickly get facts, information, and answer any of the million questions the kids ask us each afternoon. Verizon cares about STEM and celebrates women who help others to achieve success in STEM careers

Five women celebrate the person who helped them along the way.
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Check them out, then go sign up for Verizon FIOS for yourself. You will be glad you did!