What my family has been using NON-STOP is the internet service. Everyone in our family has multiple devices  and we are using the internet all day long. At first I was not happy with the internet service. My office is in the back of my house at the opposite end of the FiOs setup. I had a fit for a few minutes then I called Verizon customer service. I talked with them on the phone and they guided me a few trouble shooting options. Once we made some minor adjustments including raising the router box I was a happy camper. I was glad that customer service was patient, knowledgeable and resilient!




The best thing about the phone service is my children who are at home get to call their sister who is away at college all the time without taking my smartphone! In addition, my children have done something with the new home phone that I have never heard of before. They have been calling their brother’s cell phone, via the new house phone and playing Marco Polo by phone! I have never heard of or seen anything like it before!


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One thing that I really like and the children are learning to accept is the fast internet. Since everyone has a device that can access the internet, whenever someone asks me a question, my response is, “Look it up on the internet.” It is a way to get the children to read and research without them realizing they are learning. My twins recently got me back though. After I had them research dinosaurs, they piled up more than twenty dinosaur toys to attack me! Yes, it was fun, but I am glad I cut down on the essays I assigned because who knows what would have happened next!



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Not everyone likes contracts. There are many people who don’t like to be tied down to anything. For those people, Verizon FiOS’ no contract plans are a great idea. In addition, there is even a wo-year price guarantee even if a customer doesn’t take a contract.. For others the two-year contract is a great idea. Another cool program is the Verizon’s My Rewards+ is a customer loyalty program for HSI and FiOS customers with Internet and/or TVservice. My Rewards+ is designed to recognize customers for choosing Verizon FiOS service over competitors and thank them for being loyal customers. When making certain transactions, customers will be rewarded points that can be redeemed for great rewards like Visa® Prepaid Cards, gift cards from top merchants, or charitable donations. You need to go to www.verizon.com/ourthanks to register. You are required to have a My Verizon account.


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Football season is upon us. My husband and I don’t watch the games, but my son and daughters like to watch. Check out this post I found in the FiOSLoungehttp://www.verizon.com/fioslounge/play/football-smack-talk-takedowns-in-shakespearean-english/ In the comments, below, tell me which one was your favorite. We are all die-hard Eagles fans and root for them no matter what. My children are looking forward to seeing all the sports coverage and being able to go online to get football stats, updates and gossip.
No matter what matters most too you about television, internet and your home phone service, check out Verizon FiOS. You will be glad you did!