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Verizon FIOS – How it Works in My World — 18 Comments

  1. We are thinking about switching to Fios. And your post just convinced me why we need to do it asap!

  2. This sounds great! I’ve been hearing a lot of great reviews about Verizon FIOS and I can’t wait to try it!

  3. I don’t have Verizon, but my husband does. I do watch to switch over to them at some point though. I think FIOS would be great to have.

  4. Having reliably fast service is definitely important when you run a business. Verizon Fios sounds like a good option as an upgrade.

  5. I don’t know that this is available in my area, but it sounds cool. I guess we will stick with what have, for lack of good choices. If we ever get this here, I might try it out.

  6. I really wish that they offered service in our area. Maybe one day! They sound like they have awesome service.

  7. I’m not sure if we have Verizon FIOS in our area, but I will see if friends or family have the option and what they think.

  8. We have Verizon for our cell phone service provider. We do not have Verizon for cable because it is not available in my area.

  9. I am also very happy with FIOS. Their service is so reliable and fast I would recommend it to anyone.

  10. My father has had Verizon FIOS since it came to our area- he loves the speed of service and the quality of customer service. i wish we had it in our area!

  11. Because of our location, we have to use wi-fi for our internet. We use a Verizon Jetpack and we like it a lot! Verizon has always made great wi-fi products!

  12. Verizon FIOS sounds perfect for my house. I will have to see if it is available in my area. It has all the features I am looking for.

  13. I use Verizon for my cell, but have not used it for phone or internet. I need to check into it because who I use now is starting to get too expensive.

  14. I am so excited that Verizon FIOS is finally in our area. We’ve been waiting for what seems like forever to get an alternative to Cox Communications. I can’t wait to experience their Internet service as we already love Verizon’s cell phone service in our household.

  15. I have had Verizon FIOS cable and internet for years. I have been super happy with them since day 1!!

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