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  1. Love that you made a case for her phone. You must be so proud with all her accomplishments. Glad that WFM was a good choice for her and that it has coverage in the areas of all the schools that accepted her. #client

  2. Woohoo Go Teenie Bopper! She is amazing and I wish her luck in making her decision on which one of the AWEsome schools to go to! Having a great phone while you’re away from home is a comfort … to you and to her!

  3. We have a family of eight and our cell bill is horrible. I am switching us over to this plan in February. Thank you for sharing with me how up todate this Walmart wireless plan phones are..

  4. Congrats Teenie Boper! I know she’ll do world… you’ll make sure of that! With so much going on, it is great knowing that you’re only a phone call away.

  5. Congrats to your daughter on her college acceptance. I remember what it felt like to get that letter and it’s such a thrilling feeling. We have the Walmart Family Mobile Wireless plan and I think it’s awesome. We’ve saved so much money with it!

  6. Wow, $39.88 is a great price for an unlimited plan! Congratulations to your daughter for her recent college acceptances – and to you for raising such a smart girl.

  7. She was looking at the Spelman website all weekend She really likes the white dress orientation program at the beginning of the year.

  8. She deserves it! I’m glad you gifted her the phone to reward her accomplishments. Funny that she took selfies! I use my phone to call, text and Google! My nephews are like your daughter though and want the bells and whistles. My sister wants to affordability which this phone seems to have!

  9. All the best with her college selection.
    Now on a personal note, I’m officially getting ripped off by my provider. I’m switching to Walmart Mobile ASAP!

  10. She so deserves that new phone! I love the Walmart plans for tweens and teens. Low price and they get a cool new gadget. Congratulations, teeny bopper!

  11. She has more acceptances coming. I am hoping the phone will be good enough to cover the ones that are still to come.

  12. New York is such a great place to visit. It is really nice that you got to share that experience with your youngest.

  13. Congratulations to your daughter! Those are all some amazing schools to get accepted to! With those options, I would’ve given her a new rocking phone as well!

  14. How exciting for your daughter! My biggest reward was a trip to NYC for my youngest when she graduated High School. It was just her and I on the trip and I’m so glad to have been able to do that for her.

  15. Wow! That was an awesome opportunity you received. That is somethingn I would like to do now!

  16. It is scary to think she will be out on her own after being under our care all her life!

  17. I don’t have any children of my own. The best “reward” I ever got from my parents was a chance to go on a 2 month mission trip when I was 16. They helped me pay for part of it, fundraise for the rest, and trusted me enough to go across the world for a summer. It was an awesome experience!

  18. This is so nice for your daughter! I totally get being nervous about sending your daughter out on her own. It’s not an easy thing to do. My son is 27 and I still check in constantly and try to tell him what to do.

  19. Awesome!! Being accepted to a university is an excellent accomplishment and being accepted to the one you want (first choice) is even better!!! My babies are still at the I want everything stage so it’s hard to truly reward them with something they really want because that changes with the wind. I have a Samsung and love it! I think it’s very cool that Walmart offers a brand with such a reputation for great quality and at a fixed price that won’t break the bank. Congrats to you and your family!! Look forward to a bunch more selfies. When she leaves for college you will have a new appreciation for them! 😉

  20. $40 a month is excellent! I was allowed to have my own phone as soon as I could pay for it myself. My dad paid the very first bill and then it was up to me! But that was years ago before a flip phone existed and bag phones were only a few years old. That first phone was ENORMOUS!

  21. I have a friend who is paying over $100 per month for a similar plan and won’t switch.

  22. Thank for the congratulations. She is a typical teen so she likes the texting and internet more than anything else.

  23. This phone is on the Tmobile network which works well here at home and at the colleges she is looking to attend.

  24. Affordability is the key because one you give a phone, you don’t want to take it away due to money!

  25. One of the great thing about being a modern mom is the choices and option that allow us the freedom to be creative in the ways we parent. Teenie bopper does seem to like the GA schools.

  26. It is a great way to save some money each month. Previously we were paying $60 per month for the same plan, this is a nice savings.

  27. I chuckled when I read teenie booper – guess I’d never seen it written out – funny!! My son is young and our rewards are different, but all are to be given at the right times!! Happy New Year!

  28. Best reward I’ve given my children gas been me becoming a stay at home mom so I could homeschool. And congrats to your daughter. We do have some terrific colleges here in GA.

  29. She looks so happy! It looks like a great phone and plan. I love affordable.

  30. My son has this plan. It works perfectly for him.

  31. Congrats on your daughter and all of her acceptances! She really has her pick of the college she wants to attend. And getting a Samsung smartphone had to be a nice gift for her too. I am surprised it was less than $100 given its features.

  32. I have a couple friends that have bought a family Walmart plan for their kids. I am thinking of doing the same.

  33. Haha that’s awesome! I love that she didn’t need to fix her hair or makeup before the photos! Oh to be a teenager again!

  34. This is such a great idea, giving a cell phone to a college-bound student! Especially with Walmart Family Mobile, they’re so inexpensive!

  35. We recently turned our phone off…the rates were killing us and the increase in taxes hurt, as well. Right now, we don’t need a cell phone, but I will keep this in mind as our needs change.

  36. What an exciting time for your family! Congratulations to your daughter for her academic achievements. I wish her much success and many Blessings. You are really sending her to school in style and with a great plan to stay in touch. 🙂

  37. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on the plan. I’m in the process of looking for a new provider, and honestly, I’m lost. It’s such a process and one I don’t have time for. I appreciate any advice I can get on different plans!

  38. I helped my son buy a car when he was younger. My 11-year old grandson just got his first phone. It’s amazing how quickly they learn to use it. I think I’m getting old.

  39. My oldest daughter is desperate for a phone! This plan sounds like something my husband and I should really consider for her. Thanks for the review!

  40. Your daughter sounds very deserving of that phone. It sounds like you found a great plan for her!

  41. Congratulations to your amazing daughter! She must be very bright (just like her mom). Great to know about the Walmart plans, too.

  42. Congrats to her!! Such accomplishments. She looks so happy to have her new phone 🙂

  43. Congratulations on her school acceptances. What a great way to reward her hard work and make sure you are able to stay in touch once she leaves.

    Your cell phone holder is super cute!

  44. SO COOL! I got the same plan for my son and I am so happy that I can stay connected. Best Plan Ever. I want that cell phone holder – SO CUTE!!

  45. So happy for you and your family and those accomplishments. A cellphone is like a best friend to many of these kids and finding one that is nice and affordable is really, really important. Glad you shopped around and found something you both loved and that made the Teenie Bopper happy! I love it

  46. Congratulations to her, and to you for raising such an amazing young lady! This phone is going to be her life-line to a new world, and to return to you as well.

  47. Looks like she really loves the phone! I wish we ahd som great wireless plans in Spain too!

  48. First, huge CONGRATULATIONS to the Teenie Bopper! What wonderful accomplishments! I did not realize the WalMart plans and phones were so affordable. I need to check out their service areas for the places I frequent. This would be a great bill to trim down. Thanks for sharing!

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