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Walmart’s Unlimited Talk, Text and Data/Web – We Added a New Phone — 61 Comments

  1. Looks like a great phone, I have been checking Walmart for their smartphones but hubby decided to buy from our phone company. He is a blackberry person.

  2. I am going to have to look into this. It sounds like a better deal than our current service.

  3. I love that phone, Sounds like a great plan.

  4. Windows phones are really awesome – and I love that walmart offers UNLIMITED!

  5. I need a cell phone myself! This plan sounds so appealing because I love unlimited!

  6. we pay way too much for phones. I need to make the switch. ugh we have contracts.

  7. Yes, it wasn’t that long ago that we wrote about the acceptances. She has narrowed things down and is now off to Spelman College.

  8. What a neat way to mix up special occasions with presents for random people. I’ve been using a Windows phone for a few weeks and it’s surprisingly a nice operating system!

  9. I remember reading about your daughter’s college acceptances! It’s great that the Walmart mobile plan has worked so well for you – and now for your husband!

  10. That is a very cool phone and plan. Sounds like a great deal

  11. This is a great deal. I wished my mom would switch services so that I could. lol I really dislike verizon but to keep everything cheap for all of us we stay with them.

  12. I have heard from many people this is a great plan. I haven’t checked it out yet because we are still in a contract with another carrier. I would love to compare the service though!

  13. I like the fact that if you already have a phone you can just get a SIM card and use the phone you have.

  14. I wish we had a Walmart here! This looks like a great plan.

  15. Those are some really affordable plans. Love the pic with your image in it!

  16. Those are some affordable prices. I think this would be great to use for my mom and for an aunt in the family.

  17. it all seems so affordable. i wonder if i can get my bill down

  18. I love that Walmart provides AFFORDABLE phone plans! Our phone bill is out of control!

  19. This is a great plan. It’s perfect for people looking to save some money.

  20. I love how affordable the phone and plans are for children and teens. Our cell phone bill is pretty high as it is. The more technology the phone has the more money it seems to cost these day.

  21. I really like this plan. My son and my mom are on it and it saved them a lot of money

  22. I love the idea of gifting my husband a little something for Mother’s Day. He loves how well priced the Walmart Family Mobile phones are and it’s pretty inexpensive to add a line! #client

  23. I never knew Walmart had such a great deal plan! This might have to be something I look into more.

  24. Since we don’t have a smart phone, we save a ton of money. Which having that extra money is nice. Plus, we actually look up.

  25. wow, that is such a great deal! We don’t seem to have cheap phones or phone plans here in Canada.

  26. Thanks for sharing all this great information! It’s good to know there are so many options out there.

  27. I love how easy it is to add a line. I also love Windows phones!

  28. What a great deal! Perfect Mother’s Day! Thanks so much for sharing!

  29. I just recently learned that Walmart offered unlimited talk, text and web! I wish I would have known this before renewing my current contract.

  30. I should look into this for my mom, she is terrible with her phone and doesn’t want anything expensive.

  31. I think this is a great service! My mom is in need of a new phone, and living on a tight budget, this would be a great plan for her! Thanks for the information!

  32. This is great that you can get this phone and service through Walmart. I’ll keep it in mind for my daughter.

  33. you know, I have been thinking about switching to Walmart as it seems like a great price with great options. Thanks for sharing your experience

  34. They have a great monthly price. I love that there’s no contract!

  35. Even with our discount our monthly bill is up there. But no other network has as good of coverage in our area at this point in time.

  36. I will definitely remember this when my kids want a cell!

  37. What a great deal on phones and service. We pay too much for ours.

  38. This is such a great plan that Wal Mart offers. I haven’t even looked at their phones before. Good to know!

  39. Walmart’s plan is such a great value. We spend way too much on our phones right now.

  40. We are looking into different phone plans and have been thinking about trying the phone service from Walmart.

  41. I’m in Atlanta and I get great phone service out here. I hardly ever have any dropped calls! Congrats to your teen bopper for getting accepted to Spelman!

  42. My phone bill is out of control. We pay way too much. I will take a close look at these plans to see if they fit our needs.

  43. Wow, that sounds like a great deal, especially for a family on a budget!

  44. I wonder if WFM is available in Canada. I’ll check it out, because I could definitely use a cheaper phone bill!

  45. Sounds Like A AWESOME Deal Will Have To Check It Out!

  46. so many people are switching to or trying Walmart’s phone plans. I am glad that stiff competition is out there to lower prices.

  47. I keep suggesting the WalMart plans to hubs and he keeps saying they have awful cell service. I’ll definitely be showing him this. 😛

  48. I need to lower my cell phone bill for sure. I should check out their plans and see what phones they have!

  49. I pay a fortune for my verizon service. Looks like it’s time to shop around

  50. Wow! My parents should really look into this

  51. This is a great deal, thanks for sharing!

  52. That is a great deal! I am under contract with my current provider, but I will keep this in mind for the future!

  53. It’s nice that mobile providers have unlimited features now perfect for the family.

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