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Want Big Things – Start Now – 52 Weeks Savings Challenge — 36 Comments

  1. That would be a great savings plan to show a young person just starting out to get them in the habit now!

  2. Love this idea! I would definitely approach it in the reverse order.

  3. Great topic for gearing up for the New Year…. Finances are always the big discussion..

  4. Start with one elephant! Once you do and enjoy the taste you will be able to eat more!

  5. It is that time of year again. Maybe this year I will actually stick to it.

  6. A lot of people like the reverse idea. I guess it is because you get the big amounts out early and then just do smaller amounts as the year goes on.

  7. I am glad I could help. This is a nice way to start because you can even start with pennies if you do not have dollars.

  8. I’m going to share this with my husband, we have been trying to find easy ways to save and this is a great start! Thank you.

  9. LOVE your quote. We have to start small and stay focused, and it’s amazing what can come of that! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Yes, it is about the discipline and learning a new way to do things, developing good habits.

  11. I have four children I am going to put through college so I don’t see $1,300 shoes in my future for a LOOONNNNNGGGGGG time.

  12. You are correct. It is a nice way to save for something special without being a burden.

  13. It is great you are trying it again. I am going to get my little ones to try it with dimes.

  14. Yes, There are a lot of hard things we cannot do all at one time, but if we do it piece by piece we can get it done.

  15. I tried the challenge last year but didn’t get far. I hope this year will be much better!

  16. I like this saving plan. It’s straight and to the point. I can definitely do this!

  17. This is great. This s one of the ways I saved over $30k last yr. It works, especially if you are disciplined.

  18. Sounds like a great challenge and good way to save money. If one can stick to it what a great way to have some extra money!

  19. I guess saving $1300 would be shoe money for some, but I think it’s a great way to start saving. But I have to say, I could never actually walk on $1300 shoes!

  20. I love this! I’m going to print it out right now and commit to doing it! This would be a great way to pay for Christmas next year without having to touch our regular bank account!

  21. I tried doing this last year and failed. I’m going to get my kids involved to keep me accountable. Hopefully that will work!

  22. We did the 52 week savings plan too! will be starting again this year!!

  23. This is such great advice. Too many people try to tackle big challenges all at once instead of tackling what they are capable of!

  24. This is such a great idea. Saving $1300 is nothing to sneeze at!

  25. this chart is the best. I did it last year an decided this year to do it backwards to make it easier on my wallet and christmas time.

  26. I know some people who are doing it in reverse also. It doesnt matter how they start, the important thing is to start!

  27. I have some friends that are planning on doing this, but like you said it’s hard to stick with it. So, they are going to do it in reverse! They will put more money in in the beginning.

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