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Want Your Business To Run Better – Know What Everyone Does — 28 Comments

  1. I haven’t a clue how my business runs. But then again I don’t really think of what I do as a business. Yet. I need to take some of these tips and consider them for the future.

  2. Susan you are smart to do that. I have a friend who is a BIG blogger ,but she cannot add a widget or change a theme herself. When she had a fight with her web designer, her site was down for a week. It cost her advertising money and she had to pay the designer extra.

  3. I am so happy and honored that you found something here that is sueful to you in the real world and may help someone in your circle.

  4. This is great advice!! I am a teacher and I often feel like the people making decisions for teachers have never been one! They need to see what it’s like from our perspective!

  5. This is great advice. I have been trying to learn a bit about each type of job that goes into being a good blogger, so that I can really rise up.

  6. Very good advice here. I wish more employees would read this and supervisors as well.

  7. Establishing a good rapport with your employees does wonders too.

  8. Everything you wrote regarding employees is so true! As I read this, someone I know came to mind and I believe they would find it useful, I’ll have to share it with him!

  9. I think knowing how everything operates is very important. It also builds confidence in the employees.

  10. I have to have control so that I know the job gets done right – I wouldn’t do well with having multiple employees.

  11. I need all the help that I can get when it comes to growing my business. I seem to be stuck in a rut right now that I can’t get out of. Thanks for your advice.

  12. Good employees can make or break a business. Especially in higher up positions, like management!

  13. Cathy, what a great point… if anything were to happen to me, I think my hubby would be lost, and my business would probably be lost too.
    Thanks for the tips.
    I ran a child care for 5 years and we worked like a well oiled machine.

  14. It is so important to know what each person does in your business. I have had jobs in the past where there was no communication and no one knew what anyone else was doing.

  15. I have seen several times what happens when the key person leaves the company. It’s a real mess and stress to other employees.

  16. I definitely agree that a business owner needs to be fully in touch with all aspects of their business. Silent partnerships are nice until something goes wrong.

  17. Such great advice. This could also apply to a household….sometimes I worry how little my husband knows about how to do some of the things I do on a daily basis, especially financial type things.

  18. It’s often hard to find a good job, I don’t think I’d be able to run my own business very well. >.>

  19. I have worked for people that have been completely clueless before. it was horrible.

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