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Want to Improve Morale? Try Compliment Day

Compliments make people feel good. A sad reality about life is that for some people, your compliment may be the only compliment they have received for a very long time. That means for some people, your compliments are extra special treasures. You never know which stranger, co-worker or family member was desperate for the compliment you gave out. So, take some time today to throw around compliments. Make it rain, compliments everywhere you go!

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Spring into Family Improvements with Compliment Day
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You can find serenity in having compliment day with your family. Sometimes, when there is more than one child in a family, sibling rivalry occurs and the children will bicker and argue with each other. Often when that bickering and arguing occurs, it tends to drive a mother off the ledge into insanity. Or perhaps that is just at my house. I am the mother of four children ranging in age from 17 to 5. As much as it shames me to admit it, on occasion, my children bicker and argue as if they do not realize they are supposed to love one another. After one afternoon of breaking up one too many fights, I created compliment day at the Davis house. One day per week everyone in the family is showered with compliments by the other members of the family.
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compliments3 Reasons to Accept Compliments and 5 Ways to Start

It is thrilling to know that it is possible to accept compliments with dignity and grace. Recently, over the course of two days I gave four different entrepreneurs compliments about how they were operating their businesses and great ideas they had for business ventures. Each of these women failed to accept the compliment. Instead, to a woman, each downplayed her accomplishment or pointed out ways things could be better. This made me sad. These were wonderful, accomplished, successful women who deserved the compliments I gave them. Each one behaved as if she did not deserve the compliments and kind words.
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compliments www.janeanesworld.comJob Search – A Chance to Compliment Yourself

So often people do not compliment themselves, they do not give themselves the kind words that the give friends and even strangers in similar situations. Most people would never say to a friend who is looking for a job, “No one will hire you, you are not qualified to work at any good job.” But, many people say these words to themselves over and over while they are looking for a job. Perhaps people should apply the Golden Rule they use on others to themselves. This means treat yourself the way you want to be treated. Spread kind words, compliments and love all over yourself.
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