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Want to Stop Procrastination- Push Yourself — 61 Comments

  1. I procrastinate so much its ridiculous! I’m hoping I can sorta woop my butt into gear now that the kids are starting school this year 🙂

  2. You know that saying,” iron sharpens iron.” When I need motivation to kick stuff up a notch I go check you out.

  3. I was just sitting here, right now, procrastinating on a project that I want to work on. I have a TON of excuses, too. Of course I come to your site and you give me a kick in the butt. Thanks for the motivation!

  4. I push by making a list. For some reason, writing it down makes me accountable for doing it.

  5. Such a good point. We have to constantly push ourselves in order to better ourselves.

  6. I could definitely push myself more. I generally do pretty well at tasking, but if it’s something I REALLY don’t want to do, I’ll sometimes put it on the back burner.

  7. I procrastinate so much, but sometimes I find that when I wait last minute my best work shows through. But I should be better about it.

  8. I’m REALLY good at procrastinating. I’m trying to be better about it!

  9. I am a huge prorastinator. It is definitely something I want and need to work on.

  10. I could use a push this week. My daughter starting school has been priority #1 and everything else is piling up!

  11. I need to remember this. I always procrastinate when it comes to blog work. I never use to be like that until recently.

  12. Have you been stalking me? No, really. I’ve been procrastinating a lot lately. I need to get to it!

  13. Procrastination was a big problem for me. But I finally have a game plan and have myself into a rhythm, so now I just need a V.A… ha ha!

  14. I just try to do it! I’ve learned that procrastinating gets me nowhere but overwhelmed!

  15. I try so hard to avoid procrastination but something always comes up! Thanks for the motivation.

  16. We can be our own worst enemy! I definitely need to motivate myself

  17. I push myself a lot, I work with my husband too on pushing his limits. We have s many goals we want to accomplish.

  18. I agree. You have to WANT to do something. Usually, when I finally start something, it’s never as bad as I had imagined it would be in my head and I wonder why I waited so long!

  19. I definitely procrastinate sometimes! I’m really working on getting better with time management, but I do work well under pressure and impending deadlines.

  20. This is so me. I’m a huge procrastinator at times I do need to push myself a bit more.

  21. I’m typically not a procrastinator. I don’t like to rush, so I push myself to get things done right away.

  22. Using a timer helps me when I’m procrastinating about something. Thinking about why I’m procrastinating helps, too. I may not want to do the thing, or may be worrying about emotional turmoil.

  23. I tend to work a lot better when there is a deadline that i must meet. If i don’t, I tend to procrastinate horribly.

  24. I love the feeling of getting things accomplished. The only time I procrastinate is when I am too sleepy to complete my list.

  25. Yes, I have gotten so much better with this. Putting things off used to be a big issue for me. Now if I say it, I try to do it – immediately!

  26. This is such a great post. I only procrastinate when I don’t have much to do. If my schedule is packed I tend to kick it into gear. Not sure why that is, but I love working under pressure!

  27. I’m terrible about procrastinating. Why do today what you can put off for a month! =/

  28. I’m a great procrastinator but a horrible pusher. I need to flip flop those!

  29. I am very bad at procrastination!! If I find myself doing it the best thing I can do is take a 5 minute break away from my desk and then head back and get right to the task.

  30. I know I am a terrible procrastinator. I’m hoping this will change since my daughter will be starting preschool next week. I plan on getting all my work done in the morning while she’s at school. Hopefully it works!

  31. I admit, I’m terrible when it comes to procrastination and when I have a lot on my plate, it usually when it’s at its worst. But, I find that when I do push myself not only can I get stuff done, I feel good about it.

  32. I used to be a horrible procrastinator! Over the past few years with having a kid, getting married and working all my jobs that has totally stopped! I got pushed to do it and I love it cause everything gets done now!

  33. That’s true about excuses. If I’m procrastinating I’ve got more excuses than the kids have toys!

  34. Ahh procrastination is a topic near an dear to my heart I think if I can just remember what I did with the to-do list that it was on.

  35. This really hit home for me, as I am a true procrastinator. When I don’t have a lot of time, I get SO much accomplished, but the more time I have to do something, the less I do, and the more I put things off.

    Thanks for the great article.

  36. I am a horrible procrastinator and it’s probably because i have too much time. if it doesn’t get done today – there is always tomorrow.

  37. I think that sometimes I have so much to do that I have no choice but to put some things off so I can do others. I don’t have the luxury of procrastinating and just doing nothing. 🙂

  38. I work well under deadlines, but I do not like to procrastinate. I always try to push myself, sometimes too hard. It’s also about balance.

  39. Usually deadlines make me push myself. I seem to wait until the very last minute to get the work done. I need to push myself harder though to stop procrastinating so much.

  40. I really got over so many of my procrastination problems this year. I still have a few hang ups but overall I’m doing so much better.

  41. Procrastination is the death of any good intention or idea! Consistency is key for me. In the words of Nike…just do it! Thanks for sharing!

  42. It’s been a big challenge to push myself this summer, but everything turns out so much better when I do! Still, I’m glad school is nearly upon us; I’ll need to push myself more.

  43. I’m trying to push myself as far as I can lately. And it is WORKING! I have gotten so much more done than I ever thought I could!

  44. I have definitely become better about not procrastinating. It does take a big push, though, sometimes!

  45. I never procrastinate only because I schedule myself out. If I know I don’t want to write an article, I pretend it’s due a week before it really is.

  46. I gave up excuses a long time ago! One of my favorite sayings is from Joyce Meyer: “You can be pitiful or you can be powerful – but you can’t be both!”

  47. Over the last couple of years I have gotten so much better at not procrastinating. But sometimes its easy to put things off. But I have learned that it is so much better if you don’t have things hanging over you and just do it now!

  48. I am a procrastinator in some things, but for me procrastination works. I do my best thinking/writing when I am down to the. When I do what to push myself into something right at the moment, I put on some music and get to it. I work better with music.

  49. I can push myself when I think something really needs to be done, but it’s not always easy to find that motivation to push.

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