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Want to Be Happier When Things Are Rough – Take Action Now

If you want to be happier when things are rough, take action now to get things done. You cannot let the trials and tribulations of life keep you from doing the things you need to do in order to succeed. There will always be problems, there will always be reasons to let fear and depression paralyze you. Don’t let it, instead, take action now, especially if things are rough and you will be happier.


Spoiler alert – there is a video summary of this article at the bottom of the page.


Take Five Seconds to Vent Then Move!

During the first episode of the television show “Lost,” one of the characters, a doctor gave his method for dealing with a horrible, stressful, life-threatening situation.  He gave himself five seconds to freak out, panic and do a little crazy. Then he suckered it up and went to work doing what needed to be done. It may sound crazy, but that five-second thing works in real life.



Over the course of my life, I have used it many times, during very serious problems and it works. Here are a few situations where I have used that method:

  • before starting my consulting firm
  • dealing with the immediate aftermath of being hit and almost killed by a hit and run driver
  • helping a crying child who was living 5 hours from home
  • figuring out how to handle a husband near death in the intensive care unit of the hospital


Each of these situations was rough, hard and almost too much to handle. But, in each case, I stepped back, sometimes literally, and panicked, cried and went a little crazy, but, not forever. I could not wallow forever, so I counted to five, took a deep breath and got moving. No matter how rough, scary and daunting the road before you may be, take action now to move forward.




You Must Take Action Now, Even if it is Hard.

 It is not easy to take action now when things are rough. In fact, it is hard, extremely hard and even scary.  However, that does not matter. It does not matter how scared you are, even when things are rough, you must take action now. You must always remember, you are a human being, not an ostrich. in other words, when things are rough, get your head out of the sand and take action now.


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There are people who take action now and get things done and there are people who cannot or do not take action now for one reason or another. The people who can not or do not take action now always those who do take action now – “How do you do it, how are you able to take action now and get things done when life is hard and things seem to be crumbling all around you.” They are looking for a quick answer, a magic bullet or special trick. The fact of the matter is that there is no magic quick answer, magic bullet or secret potion. If you want to take action now when things are rough, you must simply take action now. In other words, if you need to take action now, take action now and get things done. Don’t spend time worrying, wondering and making excuses.




There is always an excuse or a reason not to take action now. There is always more research that needs to be done. There is always another job that needs to be done. There is always an outcome that should be feared. None of that matters, so put it out of your mind. Each time something comes along and blocks your ability to take action now and get something done do the following:

  • Shake your head, literally shake your head as if you are shaking off the bad thoughts, ideas, and problems
  • Start thinking about the good that will happen if you take action now
  • Take action now and get things done





Repeat this process as many times as needed to get things done. I have been in situations where I had to follow these three steps over and over again almost constantly as I worked to get something done. Be encouraged, stand strong and know that you can make it, you can succeed, put in the work and get it done.


Janeane Davis

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