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Want to Be Happier When Things Are Rough – Take Action Now

If you want to be happier when things are rough, take action now to get things done. You cannot let the trials and tribulations of life keep you from  doing the things you need to do  in order  to succeed. There will always be problems, there will always be reasons to let fear and depression   paralyze you. Don’t let it, instead, take action now, especially if things are rough and you will be happier.

 Take Five Seconds to Vent Then Move!

During the first episode of the television show “Lost,” one of the characters, a doctor gave his method for dealing with a horrible, stressful, life threatening situation.  He gave himself five seconds  to freak out, panic and do a little crazy. Then he suckered it up and went to work doing what needed to be done. It may sound   crazy, but that five second thing works I  real life.



Over the course of my life I have used it many times, during very serious problems and it works.

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Janeane Davis

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  • Take action now...I am so writing this down for days I need inspiration!

  • Very good post. Always helps to take a break.

  • If only it were that simple. The 5 second rule may help with day to day struggles but it doesn't work when one has a diagnosed mental illness. Those who suffer from depression, anxiety, etc., definitely need more than 5 seconds. It's the nature of the disease.

    Great advice for those who tend to dwell though...

  • This is very helpful! Sometimes even grown-ups need a little time out :)

  • Breathing and taking a step back puts things into perspective.

  • I feel like I have to make lists to really bring me back to reality sometimes. Then take action on what needs to be done!

  • Sounds like great advice to me! It will keep your mind off things!

  • Perfect timing for your post. I could definitely amp up the action. I've been paralyzed with fear since the end of May. Fear of what, I don't know, but it's time to cast that aside and get moving back to solid ground.

  • I suffered depression for many years and always overcame whatever I needed to because I took immediate action. The 5 second rule is something I'll definitely need to try though.

  • Sometimes I think taking action is making things tougher. I seem to put too much on my plate.

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