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Want To Be Self-Sufficient – Get a Good Attitude — 10 Comments

  1. This is so true. I spend an incredible amount of time at work and have to say it is very draining to work with people who have bad attitudes. It is also true that when layoffs come around those with bad attitudes are the first to go. My company has recently hired a group of new employees that have great attitudes. The energy of the company has changed. It is so much more enjoyable to go to work.

  2. My husband does a lot of telephone work and he agrees with you that the smile can be “heard” or “seen” over the phone.

  3. The top four items you mention are so important for a business to not only get more customers but to keep the ones that they do have. Any one of the 4 items, if lacking can cause a person to not want to do future business with them. If they happen to share that experience with someone else that prevents the business from getting another potential client or worse yet losing another one. It’s important to have the right attitude at all times.

  4. These are great rules to follow. You are so right, a smile, even if behind the screen or phone goes a long way!

  5. Great points! I especially love the reminder to smile . . . people just don’t smile enough these days! 🙂

  6. Lots of good points! Sometimes just a smile can brighten up someone’s day and that, in turn, can make you feel better, too.

  7. This is so important to have and what so many people are missing. It is hard out here for many people in these economic times. What we need to do is help each other through this and it may be only a smile and caring attitude that you have, but you need to share it. 🙂

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