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We Have a Winner Make Your Mark With Lexus #makeyourmarkES

Earlier this week I was privileged to be able to start a contest and raffle off a $25.00 American Express Gift Card from the people at Lexus as part of their #makeyourmarkES campaign. It has been an interesting week. So many people have commented about ways in which they make their mark on the world. I read some great things from my readers and you are indeed incredible people with wonderful giving hearts. Some of the marks on the world that people shared with me include:

  • making a mark by being awesome
  • following God’s leadership for what to do
  • teaching children to be the best
  • being the best mother and teacher possible
  • helping veterans get back to workr
  • making donations to the needy
  • being caring and sharing

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

The winner for this challenge was Livivua Chandler as selected by Rafflecopter. So Livivua your gift card will be sent out to you as soon as I receive it from Lexus.  So the question for you this sensational day is, how are you going to make your mark on the world?



Janeane Davis

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  • I really appreciate it. (Yes.4eva.r@gmail.com)

    I make my mark by helping our veterans get employed with the VOW act and the VWIP program.

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