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A Week in Review – We Added Video! — 16 Comments

  1. These are awesome tips! Our biggest battle is the work/personal life battle. We’re getting better, and we agree with you on the tone of the “research”. It just takes time, practice, and planning to make the balance work.

  2. i don’t often take a whole day off without any type of work. internet doesn’t sleep so there is always work for me to do since my job is online.

  3. I always love your posts. It makes for a very positive outlook in life. It just gives you that boost of confidence that you need. Thank you for sharing! I have seen a lot of online application for jobs or works lately. It sure is different now that when it was back then. And yes, procrastination is a beast! I do that sometimes. But then, who doesn’t? It is a hard thing to beat, indeed. Thanks again!

  4. That gratitude journal seems like a good idea. I am going to have to adapt that in my life.

  5. If you ever find a way to take a day completely off and just watch tv with no wife, mom or work duties, let me know your secret!

  6. Procrastination is a hard thing to beat, especially when you are in pain. I am happy for you that you are improving. That must be satisfying.

  7. It is really different looking for work now. So much of it is apply online. So many requirements now.

  8. I miss these inspirational post of yours. I believe you inspired me to drop procrastination so thank you for that!

  9. I use a gratitude journal daily but share a weekly gratitude list on my blog and encourage my readers to share what they are grateful for as well!

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  10. Sunday is definitely not a day of rest for me!! I am so busy catching up and preparing for the next week that I don’t have time to rest! lol!! looks like you had a great and inspirational week!

  11. its magnificent to learn something new and you have added much more into my knowledge. thanks for sharing this Janeane!

  12. It is rare that I take a day completely off. If I am not working on my business, I am thinking about it or working on things behind the scenes. Then, there is the duty of home ownership, chores, wife, mother and pet owner. I would love a day to just sit in front of the television and do nothing.

  13. Procrastination is a big thing for me… I procrastinate a lot and I am usually in pain. So I can only manage to do things for a little at a time. My last week was intensely busy, and this week wont be much easier. Still, I am trying my best to get up and moving on getting even more done this week than last! 🙂

How do these ideas work in your world?

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