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What Did My I Learn from my Business this Year? — 9 Comments

  1. Great post. I learned that my planner is my best friend in order for me to be proactive. Plan my tasks with realistic time frames.

  2. This was a great article. Full of such useful information that would help many people starting their own business.

  3. Love this post.. And I couldn’t agree with you more. Entrepreneurs should read posts like this.

  4. I learned that I need to start each day off with a plan. I tend to fly by the seat of my pants and that isn’t productive at all. I end up not having enough time and then I feel stressed.

  5. wow! It’s great to read about it. These are few things but are so important. I need to remember that a day has only 24h, too!

  6. It is important to learn and grow. Business is not for the weak.

  7. I’m also a planner, but I have to allow myself to be flexible and change the plans as needed, which can be hard for me to pivot from the original course.

  8. I think every entrepreneur needs to read this. When I first started out, I fell into the trap of trying to do everything myself!

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