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What the Steubenville Verdict Taught This Mother — 12 Comments

  1. You said so many great things in your reply. I agree that girls need a man’s attention and teaching. I know my duaghters benefit from it. You are also right that it is not a situation of single moms versus married moms. It is a situation of there are just some things men are better at teaching and so they should do it!

  2. I certainly agree that both perspectives – male and female – should be carried down to our children (from responsible people << a MUST!). This goes for girls too. We, too, need that male perspective growing up. I remember growing up, I didn't have that male model and sometimes I question if I'd be in a different place if I had. I'm so glad that stated this has nothing to do with single or married moms because some people would immediately take offense to this topic – for no reason though if you ask me. It all boils down to proper education…but these days, I hate to admit it, I don't know where they'll get it from… *sigh*

  3. Yes!!!! It is important to teach our girls and boys that example. My husband always tells my son, “Your mother gets on my nerves all the time. You have never seen me hit her or disrespect her. You have no excuse to hit or disrespect any woman.” I don’t like hearing I get on his nerves “all the time” but there is nothing like action to teach a child a lesson.

  4. I think the whole thinking of violence against women needs to be addressed. I am always stunned when I hear casual conversation about “just pushing” or “she wanted it” We need to educate and continue to educate our children.

  5. I agree with you. We mothers are incredible and we get into our sons everything and every lesson we can. It is just nice to have a man put the finishing touches on making boys men!

  6. As the now divorced mother of a son, I am first and foremost interested in teaching my son how to be a productive member of society. He should do his part to promote a positive image for himself, family and community. Behavior that goes against this is not and should not be tolerated. This ranges anywhere from public decorum, to inter and intra personal behaviors to being of service to those around him. Naturally, helping others is covered in this discussion. I do agree that men should be available to put the flavor on how exactly a man should conduct himself. There are just some elements that coming from a man connotate better with a young boy/man. Mothers have long and strong influence, but for the essence and flavor that makes a boy make the lesson his own, a man’s influence cannot be beat.

  7. I agree it is important to teach our children, both our daughters and our sons life lessons and emphasize cause and effect with them. The saying goes…it takes a village to raise a child and I agree this is true to, but those lessons should start with mothers and fathers. Thanks for sharing your point of view on this.

  8. If a father is present and available, there are definitely things that a son needs to learn from him. However if there isn’t a father present, then mentoring programs can be a great alternative. So grateful for the men out their who take their role seriously.

  9. It is so important to find a man (like you said, hopefully the father) that not only tells their boys how girls and women should be treated, but also shows them. Actions speak so loudly. What a great perspective. As parents, we do the best that we can and sometimes it is so overwhelming when we realize that everything that we do and say is in some ways a lesson for our children.

  10. What an interesting perspective, thanks for speaking out because I think it is often women and moms who are so horrified by these stories, but the dads and men need to have a part in addressing it with their sons AND daughters. They definitely bring a unique perspective that we just don’t have.

  11. I agree with your comments. I like the line about telling boys to treat girls the way they would want their mother or sisters treated. I think that image makes it more concrete for them – and in the situation they can think – what if this were my sister? Also, to know if they need to think about whether it is their sister, it is probably not a great choice in the first place!

  12. I, as a dad have done the best that i could in raising my son. I do feel that I have done a good job as my son has never treated a woman wrong, and, has always made sure that he protects any woman that he knows.I agree with your post about teaching our sons to be good men. I also can say that I agree that a girl should have a training from a good, strong woman in her life preferably her mom but even a good female relative who can help instill strength, love and an open heart.

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