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What to do When the News Makes Your Employees Cry — 12 Comments

  1. My son is 8 and he has taken play guns to the park before, and I was hesitant to allow it. I won’t allow it anymore, but what a pity that has to be. Moms everywhere grieving for the child and his family.

  2. I work telecommute but when tragedy happens, we all feel the angst despite our physical locations. This is great advice and evergreen, too. Happy new year.

  3. Great points. I’d definitely prioritize the well-being of the employees. Parents have the right to be worried for their kids, especially after hearing so many stories like Tamir’s.

  4. My ex-boss needs to read this post. She was a bully and made me cry several times. Glad those days are behind me!

  5. I do not have the luxury of ignoring the news when I have work. I have to keep up with what is going on and still get work done. It is sad that the news is often so horrible, but with what is going on I need to pay attention so my husband and I can talk with our children about things going on that happen to children like them.

  6. I remember being at work on 9/11 and they ended up sending everyone home.

  7. This is a powerful piece of writing. I think it’s important for employers to be connected with their people, that in turn will help make the world a better place.

  8. As a mom the news terrifies me daily. I wonder if when I send my son to school he will return alive. Between school shootings, bombings and innocence children shot because of color or religion is frighten.

  9. It is scary to think about how easily a life can be lost and how little compassion there can be as a result. It bothers me when adults say the child should have obeyed. I know I have to repeat myself to my children several times on occasion, but that does not justify them being killed!

  10. Employees are people and employers are people too. I would like to think that those tragic events in the news would allow people to find compassion and support from one another regardless of your position at work, but can understand that sadly, sometimes that common bond of humanity gets overlooked or ignored.

  11. No words. My son is 23, my son-in-law is 21 and my grandson will be 2 years old in February. My life is filled with terror and only prayer helps to live with it every day.

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