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When Looking for Work Adjust Your Plans as You Go — 27 Comments

  1. Being self employed for a really long time has helped me learn how to adjust. It’s also great doing something you love for the sake of it and not just for a paycheck. But being self employed isn’t for everyone.

  2. This is such a great advice! Being flexible while looking for a job is necessary. I quit job long back in 2014, I am planning to join again next year. I’ll keep these tips in mind

  3. It’s really hard to find work specially this days. I’m not up to finding a work just yet. Glad I’m managing to work it all up to my online business.But it’s really good if you’re flexible and willing to put effort finding it.

  4. this is such great advice. i so agree with you on this.

  5. Couldn’t agree more on this post. Before I used to think that we need to have a decent work so we can buy everything we want. Now that I am more mature. Changing and looking for work makes me consider a lot of things. It’s not about the pay and live with the paycheck only. Working environment and my career plans should be considered and being ready on sudden changes too.

  6. I hate job hunting. You do all the hard work to put yourself out there and employers don’t accept you – it hurts.

  7. So glad I came across this post! I’m not looking to return to work just yet, but it’s nice to have tips for how to handle it when it’s time.

  8. yes! you never know what opportunity is around the corner. a so-so opportunity might turn out great, and your dream job might not pan out like you think!

  9. I think that our purpose is to find that work that will make us feel good doing it. I think payment it’s not the only important thing in a work!

  10. This is definitely true. I agree with you on this. We all should learn to do some adjustments in order for us to land a better job. Thanks for sharing this.

  11. This is great advise. Being flexible in life is so important!

  12. These are some wonderful tips, being flexible helps so much as its easier to adjust in many things.

  13. So true. It’s really a tough situation when one of the spouse will be unemployed unexpectedly. That’s why future plans should be flexible.

  14. I agree. We should be flexible to be successful at any goal in life.

  15. I really enjoyed reading this post. It’s really informative. It’s so important to know when to adjust your plans.

  16. Great tips! I agree that work should not be just about money but confidence and self efficiency as well as growth are important outputs from a job or career. Thanks for sharing!

  17. Interesting read. I agree that you should be flexible and see where life takes you!

  18. I think it’s so important to be flexible. Nothing is ever promised. So I definitely make plans to fit life.

  19. It is important to make good changes. Finding work is a whole new page in you book of life.

  20. It’s important to be flexible when looking for a job. These tips are awesome

  21. Great post. The key to finding a job is being willing to change your plans as you go. Things never go as you plan. You have to roll with it.

  22. Yes, it is so important to be flexible with work. I know with working from home and having a 4-year-old running around, it can be a challenge. Some stuff you just have to change.

  23. I love that you focused on keeping things fluid and flexible as you look for work. Things don’t happen in a bubble. You have to be able to go with the flow.

  24. These are such great practical tips! It is so important to be flexible when looking for work!

  25. Flexibility is a must when looking for work. If you have your mind set you will most likely be disappointed.

  26. Yes, always be flexible. It’s a must. My husband is in the military and you have to be flexible. Things never go as planned.

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