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Where to Find Motivation

Sometimes it is magnificent to motivate yourself in order to accomplish your goals.
I am a mother, so I have watched more Nickelodeon and Disney Channel that I would like to admit. The one thing I am glad I heard was a song by the Cheetah Girls with the following lyrics:
I don’t want to be like Cinderella
Sitting in a dark, cold dusty cellar
Waiting for somebody to come and set me free
I’d rather rescue myself . . .
Don’t wanna depend on no one else.
I’d rather rescue myself.
This song is /my message for today, sometimes you have to motivate yourself. Every day you will find news stories, blog articles, and more with tips on how to handle your to-do list. Those are all great resources and you should check them out whenever you like. At the same time, it is important to remember that none of the tips will work at all until you find a way to motivate yourself to follow them.The tips are only as good as the person performing them. So, if you don’t work, the tips won’t work.
The to-do list is always long, it grows every day.  On occasion, we do not want to do all the things we need to do. At those times we need motivation. Sometimes motivating factors are all around us. For example, the mortgage is due, the electric bill is due, groceries need to be purchased and things of that nature. Those things are motivating factors, they give us a reason to march up and down the to-do list. Another motivator is a deadline at work or desire for a promotion. At home, we are often motivated by screaming children grabbing at our legs. All of these are external motivators that force us to get up and moving.

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