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Why I Love to Read — 3 Comments

  1. I’m a big ole know it all (obviously), so reading fills me, truly. I read everything, too! The thing is, lately, I haven’t been able to focus to complete a whole lot of stuff. Except, of course, for the Bible. I’ve been reading whole Bible books at a time, and it is truly keeping me engaged. Maybe it says something for where I am in life right now?

  2. Yes, fantasy is a good one. Books allow us to indulge in fantasy in a safe and fun way.

  3. Girl, me and you both! I love to read and don’t get to it as often as I’d like anymore but I try to make time to get it in at least once a month. And when I start reading a GOOD book, I’ll be up all night finishing it! Oh and I’ll add one more item to your list above – fantasy. Reading (esp fiction) takes me out of my element and into another world to visit and enjoy. 🙂

How do these ideas work in your world?

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