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Who Will Make Your Dreams Come True — 19 Comments

  1. So true…I learned late in life that I am the one in charge of my dreams. Only I can ensure they happen.

  2. It’s so important to take action steps to make our dreams come true. Knowing when to act and when to trust is the hardest part!

  3. Action steps make the dreams come true before you know them. One step at a time and it’s amazing how new doors will open.

  4. This is a great post. It seems like you have to motivate yourself to an extent. It’s nice to have people supporting you though!

  5. I love your inspiring words! This year my husband and I are taking action on our dreams. It is invigorating and scary all at the same time.

  6. You are always so inspiring. My word of 2016 is DREAM so this article totally fits with where I am in my life.

  7. Sometimes dreams take a different turn and turn out better than the dream you originally had! I am glad that happened to me!

  8. It is good to know what inspires you and to use it to push forward and accomplish great things.

  9. It is great that this is your take action year! Please stop by and share what you do so I can cheer for you along the way.

  10. It is hard when you try and don’t succeed, but you have to find a way to suck it up and try again.

  11. This is my year to take action! No one is going to get me there, but me! Great post!

  12. It’s nice to have dreams, but I understand why people don’t. It is hard when you keep trying to accomplish something and it just doesn’t work.

  13. You are in charge of your dreams! Make an effort to attain your dreams. No one else is going to do it for you! Is a great post.

  14. I agree completely! You are in charge of your own life and need to make things happen instead of waiting for them to happen!

  15. For years I sat on the sideline “waiting” for something, anything to happen to get me where I wanted to be but now I am out there getting it for myself and I have never been happier!

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