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Who Will Make Your Dreams Come True



Everyone has a dream. If you do not take action now to make your dream come true, you will be working for someone who did. The ball is in your court, take it and run with it.

If you do not take action now to make your dreams come true, who will?

I have never met a person without a dream. I have however met many people who do not get up and work to make their dreams come true. A dream does not come true without work. There are reasons why people don’t do the work. Some of the reasons are real, serious and actual barriers that must be overcome. Many of the reasons are small, imaginary and things that can be overcome. It doesn’t matter what type of excuse you have been using for why you are not accomplishing your dreams. The dreams are yours, it is your job to put in the work to get things done.

There is a woman I have been friends with for more than 20 years. She is smart, kind, talented and attractive. She is a dreamer. She dreams big wonderful dreams and then fills notebooks full of all the plans needed to make those dreams come true. I have seen more than a dozen of these notebooks over the years. The business plans, office decor, business cards and letterhead are all complete for more the a dozen wonderful businesses. I have often joked with her that I should follow one of her notebooks because the ideas would make me very wealthy. She always smiles and says she will follow the plans one day. But, since “Oneday” is not an actual date on the calendar, she has never done anything except stack the notebooks.

Over the years she has gone to work for several people who had dreams similar to hers. Sometimes the people she went to work for did things better than she ever could. At other times, the people she worked for did a poor job of carrying out the dream. This never persuaded her to actually step up and do the work to make her dreams come true. She would complain about what a bad job they were doing. She would list all the things they should have considered but didn’t. She did a lot of talking, planning, note taking and dreaming. But she never went beyond that. She never stepped up and did the work necessary to make her dreams come true.

She has had a happy life. Her life has been full of accomplishments, wonderful moments and the love of friends and family. She has always had a little spot where she has felt regret at never making one of her dreams come true. She knows the only thing that ever truly stopped her was her. Yet, the regret and knowledge has still never given her the kick in the butt to take out one of those notebooks and do the work. This is not  the life we are destined to live. We can do better. We can step up to the plate and do the work to make our dreams come true.

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Making dreams come true is like eating elephants – one bite at a time and it is done!

Stop being scared because your dreams are big and require a lot of work to go from dream to reality. Instead step up and do the work one bite, one step, one task at a time.


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  • So true...I learned late in life that I am the one in charge of my dreams. Only I can ensure they happen.

  • It's so important to take action steps to make our dreams come true. Knowing when to act and when to trust is the hardest part!

  • Action steps make the dreams come true before you know them. One step at a time and it's amazing how new doors will open.

  • This is a great post. It seems like you have to motivate yourself to an extent. It's nice to have people supporting you though!

  • I love your inspiring words! This year my husband and I are taking action on our dreams. It is invigorating and scary all at the same time.

  • You are always so inspiring. My word of 2016 is DREAM so this article totally fits with where I am in my life.

  • Sometimes dreams take a different turn and turn out better than the dream you originally had! I am glad that happened to me!

  • I am inspired to make change happen! There is nothing worse than letting a opportunity pass you by!

    • It is good to know what inspires you and to use it to push forward and accomplish great things.

  • This is my year to take action! No one is going to get me there, but me! Great post!

    • It is great that this is your take action year! Please stop by and share what you do so I can cheer for you along the way.

    • It is hard when you try and don't succeed, but you have to find a way to suck it up and try again.

  • It's nice to have dreams, but I understand why people don't. It is hard when you keep trying to accomplish something and it just doesn't work.

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