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And the Winner is Mama! Mama 1Technology 0

Technology has not yet found a way to replace a mama!

Years ago, I wrote a blog article about the idea that technology cannot replace a mama. My family was dealing with the aftermath of a horrific automobile accident. A few years after the accident, one of my daughters who almost died in that accident, told me that the reason she lived after that accident was because of me. I questioned her about that statement and she told me, “You are my mama, you prayed for me. You stayed with me in the hospital. When I needed it, you hugged me. You kissed me, and you took care of me. You never left me. No one else would do that. You made me better.”

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Those are incredible words from an eight-year-old. She had a team of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals working 24 hours a day for a week making sure she didn’t die and that she would have as few residual effects as possible. My baby gave none of them credit for her survival. The first thing that comes to her mind is that her mama prayed for her. It is an awesome idea.

With a score of Mama 1 and Technology 0, I win!

Each day, I am amazed at the power of technology. I remember when there was just one phone company and you had to go to that company to pay the bill, buy a phone and could not change phone companies. Way back then, the phones were stuck to the wall and you had to stay close to the telephone jack in order to use the phone. Back then, we dreamed of being able to see people when we talked with them on the telephone. I remember microfiche and microfilm and wanting to have the ability to carry an entire library in my backpack. Today technology has made these things that were once science fiction real.

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Today you can talk to your doctor and be diagnosed over the phone. You can talk with your lawyer via Skype and handle many court matters via the internet. Technology makes life better for us in so many ways it is truly a marvel and a wonder. Yet, technology still has not found a way to make a mama unnecessary. I am happy that in my world, a mama trumps technology.

Janeane Davis

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  • I never thought that mama can replace anyone, they're supermom so who can be? lol

  • I absolutely believe that technology should be kept to a minimum with children. It's fine every once in a while but nothing beats a mother!

  • This is such a great quote! Too many rely on technology to babysit their children.

  • Oh, technology can do so so many things. But replace mom? Big.Old.Nope. Your daughter sounds incredibly sweet!

  • I do not think a Mom can be replaced by technology. It can do a lot of things but you need to have emotion to be a good parent.

  • Technology has replaced a lot of things. I do not see how it could replace the bond that happens between a parent and child.

  • Although I love technology, I think human connection is always so much more treasured! Your daughter seems super sweet!

  • Truth! Technology can do so much, but it can never replace the ones you love! Love this!

  • It's crazy to see how far technology has come. I try to find ways for my girls to enjoy some time without technology all the time. I know technology can never replace anyone. I think it's more important to take some time and enjoy others around you.

  • Oh what a smart daughter you have, and you are so right. My kids definitely aren't satisfied with only technology when I'm away. I was just on a business trip last week actually and my daughter was so sad I was away. Even though we could have talked over FaceTime she just didn't want to do it. She wanted to see me and snuggle me.

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