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The Winter Solstice and 3 Lessons for Entrepreneurs

The winter solstice comes each year without fail and it has three lessons for entrepreneurs.


Today is the winter solstice aka the shortest day of the year when one measures the amount of sunlight each day. All kinds of phenomena have been attributed to the winter solstice. Some of the phenomena are real and some of it is the thing of urban legend. No matter what story you like to tell about the winter solstice if you are an entrepreneur, there are lessons to be learned.

These lessons include:

  1. People like things they can depend upon.
  2. You can make an expected thing enjoyable.
  3. There is always a reason to make a big deal over something.


People like things they can depend upon.

The winter solstice comes at the same time each year, year after year, after year. People depend upon the occurrence of the winter solstice for a variety of reasons. They are never disappointed when what they expect to happen, happens. When it comes to your business, strive to be something your clients and customers can depend upon. When you have set hours, return policies, and customer service procedures stick to them. Clients and customers who come to your business and refer others to your business do so because they have a certain expectation. It makes sense to meet those expectations and keep clients, customers, and prospects satisfied.


You can make an expected thing enjoyable.

While the winter solstice comes at the same time each year and is an expected occurrence, people still find a way to celebrate and make it a fun and exciting experience. As an entrepreneur, find ways to make working with your business enjoyable for clients and customers. If you have a brick and mortar work area make sure it is clean, smells good, and is pleasing to the eye. If your business is online, make sure your website is easy to use, easy to read, and provides expected information in expected places When you answer the phone make sure you do it by the second ring at the latest, with a pleasant voice, and a smile. (Customers can feel smiles even over the phone.)


There is always a reason to make a big deal over something.

The winter solstice was here last year, came this year and will be here next year. Those who love it find a way to make a big deal over it year after year after year.  As an entrepreneur, find a way to make a big deal over things that matter to your clients and customers. This does not mean you must have a party or a sale.  A big deal could be something like telling clients and customers about something you have for them to purchase. Let people know about successes in the company – goals met, quotas reached, and new technology purchased. Find ways to be happy about your business and invite your clients and customers to celebrate business wins with you.


The winter solstice comes each year and these three lessons from it can help you be a better entrepreneur. What lessons have you learned from the winter solstice?


Janeane Davis

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  • Hi Janeane,

    I like the analogies here. You can make the expected enjoyable. Putting yourself in your ideal customer's shoes is the best way to do this because when you see things from their perspective you can connect with them on a deeper level. This is where you begin to bump up the enjoyment factor.


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