In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.
Don’t spend time beating on a wall, hoping to transform it into a door.
Success is often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable.
Hard times arouse an instinctive desire for authenticity.

There have been several Duchesses of Westminster but there is only one Chanel.

I am going to spend a few moments discussing each of these quotes. I am sharing with you my interpretation of them and how I use them in my daily life. Check out my interpretations and see how they compare with your own.

coco chanel women's history month www.janeanesworld.comThere are many different versions of the idea of what two things a woman should be. However, Ms. Chanel’s idea that a woman should be both classy and fabulous is a wonderful one. Class, dignity and style are timeless. They are qualities we can obtain in our youth and refine as we age. Fabulousness on the other hand is an exciting, bombastic, superlative quality. The combination of class and fabulousness makes a winning combination.

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Most people do not desire to be interchangeable cogs. If you are a person who wishes to leave a mark on the world and stand out in the memories of those you meet, you must find a way to be special, unique and different. Differences make things memorable, interesting and more enjoyable to be around.

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Often people become frustrated and literally or figuratively bang their heads against walls. This is insanity. A wall is a wall is a wall. If you need an exit, a way out or a change of scenery, you do not get there by going through a wall. Instead you get there by going through a door. If you cannot find the door, create one of your own.

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Throughout my life I have done things that seem hard, impossible or just too audacious to contemplate.  I have succeeded at everything I have put my mind to because it never occurs to me that I will fail. I understand what failure is and can define the word with ease. What I do not do is associate failure with what will result from my earnest efforts.

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When things get hard in life, as they sometimes do, we search for ways to make things better. Struggle makes us search for solutions, for ways out of things, for alternative routes to the end game. When things are hard, time is often precious and we do not have a desire to be silly or to waste our time with falseness. Difficulty makes us look for truth, for real solutions and real explanations.

My favorite of all the quotes listed above is the one about there only being on Chanel. That quote spoke to me because it is a reminder that we are all unique, special and wonderful creations. It is nice to like celebrities and to admire those around us who look better or seem to have better lives. However, it is more important to admire, appreciate and value the unique and wonderful being inside each of us.

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