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New Idea – Be Grateful for Work — 12 Comments

  1. you gotta get your mind right. if that aint right, nothing will be. find SOMETHING to be happy about or thats a loooooong miserable day.

  2. Attitude makes the difference between a good day and a bad one. Attitude is wonderful because you have total control over your attitude.

  3. Even though my job isn’t my dream job…I am so blessed to have this job and it allows me to do fitness before and after hours. I have a HUGE problem with people who do nothing except complain because so many people have it rough and you are very blessed. Every time I want to complain I think about those who don’t even have job, or those forced to participate in activities that are unhealthy. Definitely having an attitude of gratitude in 2013

  4. Lounging on tghe couch in the PJs is fun. Even more fun when you are lounging by choice and have good and dependable income.

  5. I told a friend this week that I was jealous of him, since he was off. But I followed up with a text stating that although I would love to be lounging on the couch in my PJs, I am also very blessed to have a job!

  6. You are right each day is not promised and we should treat each day as a gift. I know from personal experience doing something instead of just complaining is hard. Most good things are hard at first, but worth the work!

  7. Good for you Stellar one! We have so much power to create the world in which we live! We should use that power to make the world what we want.

  8. I know a lot of people this morning, including me, where complaining they had to go to work today after a long holiday hiatus. So today, I’ve been saying to myself, “I have to be here anyway. I can choose to make it a pleasant experience or a miserable one.” So far, it’s been pleasant.

  9. I believe you have to start each day with gratitude as it is not promised. I believe that complaining is a waste of energy. If your don’t like something work to change it. The list of ungrateful items will surely step on some toes. Hopefully it will also wake them up:)

  10. Thanks Saidah, I always like when you stop by! My husband always says, “It’s no use complaining, because no one listens.” A good attitude makes things better.

  11. I am always telling people who complain about their jobs that they could have NO JOB. We can’t forget the alternative. If someone hates their job complaining is not going to do a thing but make them and others miserable. This is a great list of contrasting attitudes.

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