When it comes to work, it is wonderful to show up like a grown-up. A basic reality of life is that many of us must work for a living. Some of us work for others and some of us work for ourselves. No matter which is the case, the fact remains that we must work to earn a living.

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When you must work for a living it is important for you to show up like a grown-up.  Grown-ups are responsible, mature, and able to handle the responsibilities of work.  Look at the following differences between children at work and grown-ups at work:

Children at work:
  • show up just before work starts or late
  • play around all day
  • refuse to accept any extra assignments
  • counter-productive in team tasks
  • treat work as if it is a playground

Adults at work:

  • show up at work station at least 15 minutes before start time
  • work throughout the day
  • accept extra assignments within reason
  • are a valuable part of team assignments
  • treat work as if what is being done is important

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The economy is improving and in many industries, finding a job is easier today than it has been for quite a while. That does not change the fact that if you want to remain gainfully employed or want to continue operating a successful business, you must, without exception, show up like a grown-up every day and actually work at work. So, the question for you this wonderful day is what are your tips for showing up like a grown-up at work?