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Wonderful Wednesday -Start With a Good Attitude — 8 Comments

  1. I like that idea of having some affirmations in your pocket to pull out when needed. I copied the sayings from one of those Franklin Covey day planners to my google calendar and synced it with my tablet. So now each day I see something good with the appointments and to do list. I have also been copying good sayings from FB status updates to the electronic calendar. With the repeat each year feature, I have them forever.

  2. LOL have you been watching me, I swear its that mentality, having a good attitude despite everything that is coming out of the wood works that is getting me through the week 🙂 thanks for this!

    I like to have quick positive sayings in my pocket to pull out, so when I am running late and have to be somewhere at a certain time, instead of driving like a speed demon and being upset, I blast fun music and repeat “I have plenty of time” to myself over and over again. It helps calm my nerves also and most times I make it on time and on a few rare occasions I am a couple of minutes late. An apology to where ever you are off to for being late goes a long way and if I find that I will be really late then I will call the person and let them know 'hey I'm running a few minutes behind but I am on. the. way.” common courtesy works like a charm…every time! This post reminds me I need to start doing my affirmations again :/

  3. I usually look forward to all the positives in the beginning of the day then drain out all the negatives with an intense workout at the end of my day!

  4. Karla, I know nothing about wine, you will have to give me some tips so I can try that method.

  5. Prayer and faith and God get us through so many things. It is faith and prayer that helps me get my attitude where it needs to be. Thanks for your comment!

  6. When I'm having a bad day it's either hormonal or just that I'm overwhelmed. I'll usually slow down by clearing my schedule and pray for Gods direction. My days are usually because I'm not following Gods plan for my life. It could be that I'm doing to much or not enough. It's usually the former. Prayer really helps me regain perspective in every situation.

How do these ideas work in your world?

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