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Step Out on Faith – Start a Business — 2 Comments

  1. Jennifer, I am happy and excited for you. Owning your own business is hard, but hang in there it is worth it, the work to make your dream come true. Hang in there and keep the faith, all your hard work is encouragement and motivation not just for you, but for other people who see what you are doing. A Facebook friend said, “We do the things today that other people won’t so that tomorrow, we can do things other people can’t. That is what being an entrepreneur starting a business is like. I wish you every success! Please keep in touch and let me know how things are going.

  2. I’m in the beginning stages of starting my own business. And, let me tell you, it has taken a lot of faith to continue to make strides towards one day fulfilling that dream!

    There have been times when I’ve just wanted to give up.

    But, my motivation comes from imagining how my life will be when the dream is fulfilled.

    This has meant spending less time being social, staying up late at night, and using my lunch breaks to get things done!

    It’s a process – And, I’m learning every step of the way.

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