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Unexpected Kindness

It is wonderful when our children do unexpected acts of kindness.

This week I am celebrating unexpected acts of kindness from my children.

Whitney Houston “The Greatest Love of All”

The first unexpected act of kindness was done by my teenie bopper when she was six years old. My husband and I had been married for twelve years at that point and he took me shopping in order to upgrade my diamond engagement ring. We saw a ring that was to our liking and asked the sales woman the price. She said, “It costs six.” My little girl, reached into her pocket, pulled out six dollar bills and said to the sales woman, “Give my mama that rock.” We all had a good laugh. The sales woman had meant six thousand dollars, not six dollars.

The second unexpected act of kindness was from my son. When he was about three years old I started to choke for some reason I do not remember now. My husband and teenie bopper sat and watched me, they knew it was not serious. My son jumped up, got me a glass of water and said, “Mommy they don’t care if you die, but I do. Here’s some water so you will feel better. I would be delighted to save your life.” While I was not near death, I was touched that my baby boy wanted to save me. I am still tickled about the fact that he was “delighted” to do so.

The third unexpected act of kindness came from my big twin girl. One morning the twins got into a fight over a toy and the little twin beat up the big twin in an inappropriate way. I started to discipline the little one when the big twin ran over and hugged her sister. The big twin said, “I am mad at you mommy. You are mean to my sister. No one can be mean to my sister.” She did not care that her sister was being punished for hurting her. No matter what, no one can ever do anything wrong to the little twin when her big twin is around.

The final unexpected act of kindness came from my little twin. A month or so ago, my husband and I were having a disagreement about something. All of the sudden she started saying, “Give your husband a little respect. Give your husband a little respect. Give your husband a little respect.” It was funny and sweet the fact that she thought her father should be given respect. It was a kindness in defense of her father that I liked.

Our children do many things for us. One of the sweetest is their little unexpected acts of kindness. So, the question for you this wonderful day is what have unexpected acts of kindness have your children performed recently?

Add a link to your favorite blog post about unexpected kindness from children.

Janeane Davis

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  • These are some sweet kids you have Janeane, God Bless them. I can't wait to see what my future children will be like :)

    • Thanks for the compliment on the kids. Keep wondering what your future children will be like, it is fun and you will laugh about it when they arrive.

  • stopping in from #flashbackfriday. Kids are adorable.. they will always have each others back!

    • Thanks for your kind words. I told the children and I am sure they will repeat them to me the next time I am upset with them about something.

  • Aww, I love the story about your daughter pulling out $6 to pay for the ring, how precious! So good to take the time to reflect on happy memories like these:-)

    • Jess, that is also one of my favorite memories in life. She was so serious and that was ALL her money she was spending on me!

  • Aww!
    My weeks have been so busy running into each other that I have not taken a moment to reflect and think. Love these stories of kindness from your children. They sound adorable and precious.

    • Thanks for saying that about the children. When I tell them, I am sure they will remind me of it the next time I tell them they are driving me crazy.

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