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Wonderful Wednesday – Wonderful Words -Phenomenal Women — 3 Comments

  1. I am glad this was a help to you. I believe we should all have things that inspire us, touch us and encourage us. We must learn to be like the President and never let them see us sweat, Of course we sweat, but we have to keep it in check and keep going.

    I hope you have a great day and remember you are a great catch, I mean a great Tykee!

  2. Woah! This blew my mind! I mean, I like the Maya Angelou poem, but lol it wasn't REALLY directed towards. However, I still took away from it, the sense of self-pride and how important it is the love yourself in a humble way.

    The person that inspires my self-image is Barack Obama. Just how at anytime everything could be negative or things COULD go wrong in the white house or something like that, you'll never tell by looking at him (besides the gray hairs). I feel more confident in myself when I see him giving a speech or a picture of him hanging out with people on the campaign trail.

    Thank you! This will really help me start my day!
    I love you!!

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