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  1. Great advice as always! I think we all struggle with a work/life balance. I need to learn how to not stress over it so often

  2. Loving the quote, yea with kids I think sometimes we get a bit up tight with work, family, bringing home the bacon.. Let it go and enjoy the now.

  3. Work life balance has been a challenge for me. I work on it everyday. Finding the perfect balance it always a prayer time away.

  4. Yeah – I’ve kinda given up on it all – and started to accept: I can’t have BOTH money and FUN like I’d want to – but I’ve stopped stressing. Just do what work I can when I can, and enjoy all the other moments in-between!

  5. This is really great, Janeane. I’m dealing with the struggle, but actually your talk on the radio show the other day coupled with this post really help me. I needed to be more clear about what the obligations are for me as a WORK FROM HOME MOM. Who cleans? Who cooks? I’m working full-time, so when does work stop. Thanks for giving me the key I was missing!

  6. It really is hard to strike a good balance. I’ve even worked 3rd shift (from home) so I wouldn’t miss out on anything during the day… then, you never get any sleep. You really do have to forgive yourself and move on, sometimes.

  7. You make such a good point about moving beyond the fail. It’s not the end after one fail; it’s just a bump on a very long highway.

  8. I feel the guilt all of time. I don’t want my kids to think that I am attached to my computer- but sometimes you just have to be when you are growing a business:(

  9. Being that I work from home, balance is always a struggle. I do my best, but am always looking for new tips!

  10. To be honest, I don’t really even strive for a balance any more. I know it’s not really going to happen. There’s going to be times when work is taking up the most time and others when the family needs most of my attention. I just do what has to be done.

  11. I think the only way to get it all done is to hire help. LOL I am fine knowing that I can only handle so much – that’s how I achieve balance!

  12. Strange how grief and work balance kind of go together. Definitely have gone through these stages

  13. Carly, I was talking about this issue with a friend and this seemed like a great way to look at the problem.

  14. I have my priorities. Family first and when they are happy and settled I can do work without the stress. Sometimes I have to try to squeeze in some extra time but they are usually pretty good with sitting with me and talking to me while I work.

  15. Love these tips, as always. I’m somewhere right in the middle. My blog has picked up this year but I’m having a hard time balancing work and mom-life.

  16. that is great advice. We cannot be hung up on falling sometimes. Brush ourselves off and keep moving is the healthier way

  17. Good for you! I don’t think you are going to be going out of business for a long, long, long time!!

  18. As a life coach I have to admit that the work/life balance struggle does keep me in business! 😉

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

  19. Balance, what’s that? haha But really it is very hard to find balance especially as a WAHM. If my kids are happy though, I know I am that much farther ahead of the game.

  20. Yes, an important thing to remember is your point. You can go through al those points in just a minute!

  21. I sometimes struggle and fail at balancing my work and home life. It’s important to realize when I am failing at it and try again!

  22. I totally agree with you, there is no magic secret to finding work life balance. I think balance is really unattainable, I just do the best I can. I put my family’s needs first but they know they can’t always have what the want.

  23. It is nice when you have that aha moment. I distinctly remember it too, and it’s very peaceful to have that worry/guilt/stress just gone.

  24. I’m terrible with juggling. I guess not terrible, I just don’t have enough time. I try my best and that is all I can do.

  25. I’m constantly doing the work/life struggle. I want to balance working at home and being with my kids. I think there’s adefinite balance there.

  26. We need to be so much easier on ourselves and take things day by day, huh? 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  27. I have been trying to focus more on the things I DO have and the blessings I DO have, instead of worrying about what I need or don’t have. That has helped me a lot! Great post!

  28. It can be really hard to find that balance. I think there are some days that are easier than others though and keeping my head up and moving forward is the best thing to do.

  29. People are going to fail sometimes. Its how you handle it that matters most.

  30. It is sort of like you can always start your day over, or your diet. Do not give up. A set back is not the end of everything, learn from it and try again!
    That is how I try to do it.

  31. For me, it depends on the day! I find myself too often embracing the stresses of life rather than kicking back and embracing life.

  32. Sometimes it is really hard to get the right balance but i do not stress over it anymore as it was getting to me too much.I just try my best to keep everything good.

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