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  1. Life is full of lessons and I think even the difficult parts are as well. But you’re absolutely right, no matter how difficult thing get we just have to keep going.

  2. who really gets thing correct every try. lord knows i don’t. we have to remember that, but it’s hard.

  3. I feel as if just when I find a system that works, I need to change it again. Life is like living on a tightrope. (And that’s okay with me.)

  4. This is such a good post – I remember those days when there was never enough time.

  5. You are right. When I stick with my calendar I get home and work done pretty well. When I ignore the calendar I get into trouble.

  6. Jaime you are funny! My best girl friends told me once to go and enjoy life with my husband because chores and housework are faithful and will wait for you to come back.

  7. You said a lot with that phrase, we do all have the same amount of time. What separates those who succeed and those who fail is how that time is managed.

  8. It is so hard to find that balance, especially when you work at home. But you’re right — you just have to keep trying!

  9. This balance is something I struggle for constantly as a WAHM. I’m starting to wonder if it’s not really a balance, just a careful juggling act!

  10. Well I needed to hear this today! My work life balance is a mess! Time to reevaluate.

  11. I’m ok with balance because my kids are grown and flown, so there’s really nothing to balance. However, I do need to stretch my wings and learn more things!

  12. I am a WAHM and I volunteer a lot. Combine those two with blogging and homeschooling and you have a recipe for disaster. This year I’ve learned when to say no. I’ve also paid more attention to how the kids respond when I actively volunteer in their activities, because sometimes it results in way too much work for me, and less time with them.

  13. Great post! As a self employed person, I know first hand how difficult it can be to balance the work I need to do to be successful with the time I want to spend with my family.

  14. I love opening quote. I never would have made it where I am today in my work at home career if I did not keep trying after failing. It was very well worth it in the end.

  15. Balance is so hard when you work in an area like social media that never closes. Then again, all of life is a balance, isn’t it?

  16. Work-Life balance can definitely be a challenge but you can definitely do it. I am a single mom with a special needs child. I work outside the home but I also work part time from home. I have had to learn to give and take. I had to give up control in various areas (I am very type-A, Left Brained) and learned to just let the dishes go for a night. Let the laundry go one weekend. It can wait. Life can’t. My daughter needs me more than she needs me to do a load of socks.

  17. This article came at such a wonderful time for me LOL! I have been struggling with balancing life and work, I feel like work is taking over! This tips are great, thanks for the advice!

  18. Life is a balance but It is so much harder to work at home when you have all the ” home stuff ” staring you in the face! I struggle with that some days… Oi!

  19. Working from home it’s such a struggle to find a work life balance! Thanks for the encouragement.

  20. I work from home but I know work and life can be balanced and need to get on this! I was doing well with separating the two but this time of year can be a busy one so sometimes work and home life overlap.

  21. still trying to figure out this work balance and working from my laptop I tend to run off while kids are home. need to set hours.

  22. I am trying to learn how to balance family life and blogging! I just dont have the time I need for both!

  23. I am always ready for new things to learn balance. Sometimes it is hard to balance.

  24. Balance is so important! I find that it makes a huge difference to have set work times. Otherwise it is so easy to let little pieces of work creep in all day long until they take over the whole day.

  25. Finding balance definitely is not easy. Everyone has to find their own way I think.

  26. Time is the great equalizer – we all have the same amount of it. That makes management of it that much more important.

  27. I remember when I use to work it was really hard to balance everything. The job, the kids, the shopping. It can be a very stressful time. Like you said you just got to keep trying.

  28. It is SO HARD when you work at home. I have trouble keeping things straight so I had to make a rule – only work in the work area and only live in the rest of the house. If you have soem good tips for making it work please share!

  29. Oh man this is such a timely article. Since I work at home the line is blurred frequently in that department. Thanks so much for the tips.

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