[Tweet “It is fantastic to achieve work-life balance home and work with photographs on your desk at work”]
Most people don’t think about it, but it might be a good idea have photographs from work at home. This is a good idea for several reasons including:
  • children are very interested in where their parents spend their time away from home
  • seeing work photo while at home, will help you appreciate that work helps make the home possible
  • work photos will serve as a reminder that work is a part of life
When my husband was traveling to work in New Orleans, he would put his office on Skype. The children loved it because they could see their father at work. They got to know his office, his desk, and his work area. When he moved locations in the office, they recognized that fact and would talk about why he moved to the new area. The workplace became a place they recognized and were comfortable with instead of just a place that took their father away from them.
 It is an important part of the home and work balance to recognize that each side of you exists and is important. The two places have a symbiotic relationship. We go to work so we can make our home lives better. We go home to enjoy the things that work makes it possible to provide. The next time you go to work, consider taking a photo of your co-workers or work area to share on an end table at home. So the question for you this fantastic day is, do you have any photos from work at home?