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Media Kit Sample Links

Here are the links to the sponsored posts from the Sample Articles Page. Feel free to click through for examples of how I turned my readers into my sponsors’ customers!


It Makes Me So Happy

Verizon FIOS has an amazing group of products. The products are television service including high definition channels, remarkable landline telephone service and superfast internet service. I enjoy all three of them.

The television service is wonderful. It is great to be able to watch all kinds of television shows, movies and On Demand programming. I will say that most of the time I watch television on my tablet device or smart phone because my husband and children always get to the televisions at our house before I do.

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Healthy Competition with Nestlé Pure Life

It is fantastic to have a healthy competition with your husband and Nestlé Pure Life water can help! I am glad I am a part of #CollectiveBias #Ad so I had an opportunity that pushed me to get on the water bandwagon. My husband and I have engaged in a little competition to get healthy. On March 31, 2015 we will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We both need to get in shape so we have a competition to see who gets in the best shape and lose the biggest percentage of body weight by our wedding anniversary. We are still working out the prizes, but the best prize is bragging rights. We are a couple that loves to talk trash, so bragging rights is a big draw.

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MohawkMohawk “License to Spill”

It is terrific to go to work, have fun and learn some really great stuff that will help you in your real life. I recently had the opportunity to attend the Mohawk “License to Spill” event that occurred during the Italian Festival at the historic Italian Market in Philadelphia. The event was created to introduce the public to Mohawk’s SmartStrand stain resistant carpet, to tell the public about some good carpet cleaning tips. Mohawk sees itself as more than a provider of carpeting but a provider of a quality carpet product.

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Prepare for the Morning The Night Before

It is fantastic to have a treat that makes it easier to get up and start the day and for me #McCafeMyWay coffee does it. Being able to enjoy treats like McCafé coffee is another reason I am glad to be part of the #CollectiveBIas family. Keep in mind, I am not a morning person by nature. I would much rather sleep until noon and then get up and start my day. But, that is not the life I live. I dare to say it is not the life of most people I know. I have a husband, four children, a dog and a cat. That means I never get to lay in bed until noon, no matter how desperately I would like to do so.

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I Am a Walmart Family Mobile Ambassador

I have been named a Walmart Family Mobile Brand Ambassador and I am so excited about it. I have been using Walmart Family Mobile phones and service for quite some time now. It started when I decided to get my teenager a new phone as a reward for getting accepted into so many colleges and universities last fall.

I gave my teenie bopper the phone as a gift so I crocheted a phone case for her to make it easier for her to carry it around. This green phone case is meant to be worn messenger style. In conclusion, the Walmart Family Mobile Plan and Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G have joined together to provide a cool phone, fun built-in applications and money-saving options in the best wireless plan.

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