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Wubble X – A Review

I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review, but my opinions are entirely my own

One thing that all working moms must do is find toys and playthings to entertain their children. Recently, my children and I got a Wubble X Ball to try out. I kept the ball for a few weeks before pulling it out and getting it blown up. By the time we blew it up, my children were  bouncing with anticipation. This article will detail the pros and cons of what we called “The Wubble X Experiment.”


Set Up Was a Breeze

The Wubble X Kit came with everything we needed to blow the ball up so the children could play with it right away. When we opened the box we found everything we needed to get things going. We received a can of helium gas, a package of petroleum jelly, a straw to help with the blow up, some patches in case needed, some cute Wubble X stickers and a great set of instructions.
The Wubble X itself is a small little thing that reminded us of a piece of chewed gum in appearance and size. It was rather simple to blow the ball up. The instructions made it very simple and easy to do. A little petroleum jelly was applied to the straw which was inserted into the Wubble Bubble Ball.
The other end of the straw was inserted into the can of helium. It took just moments, literally less than two to blow the ball up. As it expanded in size it became transparent and the kids were very excited.
The Wubble X is described as an “amazing anti-gravity” ball. When the chiildren paid with it it did as advertised – it bounced, floated, spun and flew through the air with ease. It was so small and light I had no fear that anything in the house would be damaged while the children played. I put it in front of my desk for some photos so I can attest that it is neutrally buoyant as the packaging said.

The Wubble Bubble Ball – Fun While it Lasted

The ball was fun to play with while it lasted. Check out the photos of the ball floating in front of my desk and on the ceiling. My daughters had to get their very tall bother to get it off the ceiling as they played catch with it.
The children really enjoyed playing with the ball and jumping in the air to catch it. Big brother loved being a hero and saving the Wubble X Ball from the ceiling.  Unfortunately, the fun only lasted about an hour. After that the ball deflated and turned back into the little piece of gum. Our Wubble X remained neutrally buoyant longer than the 5 to 30 minutes the package promised, but after the buoyancy was gone,the ball disappeared and did not remain “super-bouncy” for days as advertised.The children were disappointed that the fun didn’t last longer.  I did enjoy their smiles while they played and laughed with each other.
All in all, the “The Wubble X Experiment was a good one, I would try it again.