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You Know A Conference is Good When A Year Later You Still Use It

I was given compensation to write this article. All opinions stated herein are my own.

It is wonderful to attend a conference and still be using the things that excited you a year later. Last fall, I was blessed to be selected as a Social Media Ambassador for Power Up Weekend in Washington, DC .  It was a wonderful experience. I learned things at that conference and started relationships that are still growing today! One of the best things that came from last year’s conference was that I learned:

TAN – Take Action Now

Vision Boarding – a great tool for getting things done
Fashion – The 14 items needed to have a complete wardrobe

Blogging – leave Blogspot and go to WordPress

I am so excited that I was selected to be a Social Media Ambassador again this year! So, on September 7, 2013 you will see me at Power Up Weekend in Washington, DC. This year the panel of speakers, with Cashmere Jones serving as MC and Panel Moderator, seems to be even more exciting than last year! Here is a list of the panelists and their topics:




1. Kiki Ramsey: Get Courageous

2. Lashawne Holland: Purse Power

3. Lucinda Cross: The Power of Your Story

4. Sheretta Golladay: Living Beyond Hurt

5. Shun Strickland: Beyond a Hobby, Make Money in Your Biz

6. Tosh Patterson: Putting You First, Fit and Fierce

7. Yvonne Bynoe: Beyond a Hobby, Make Money in Your Biz

8: Uneeka Jay: Now What? Moving to a Yes in Every Area of Your Life

9. Cecily Kellogg: Living Beyond Hurt

10: Cheryl Pullins: Build Relationships with your Network

11. Cristie Ritz-King: Putting You First, Fit and Fierce

12. Karla Trotman: Beyond a Hobby, Make Money in Your Biz





A few of these ladies I know and have met in the real world and find them to be interesting, exciting and motivating – Karla Trotman is a fantastic business woman who knows how to work a room.







Cecily Kellogg motivated me to move from Blogspot to WordPress during lunch time conversation.








Uneeka Jay inspired me to move last year with her “Beyond the Click” presentation.






A few of the other ladies, I don’t know, but have encountered and was impressed by what I saw. Cheryl Pullins has helped my business a great deal with her 31 day Starting over Challenge and her Boring to Bodacious series.







I spoke with Shun Strickland during a workshop last year and am looking forward to her presentation this year.






I spoke with Cristie Ritz-King at last year’s conference and am looking forward to attending her workshop this year.






The other ladies I do not know, but I am looking forward to attending their workshops and hearing what they have to say and learning from women who are exciting, talented and ready to share their areas of expertise.

If you have not purchased your ticket yet, go do it now. There is a special Sister Friend special that will get you the entire conference for only $99! This is an incredible bargain, jump on it now. Here is the link you need to purchase your tickets  . I am looking forward to seeing you in Washington, DC on September 7, 2013.

In conclusion, it is wonderful to attend a conference and still be using the things that excited you a year later. So, the question for you this wonderful day is what is the most useful thing you learned at a conference?