Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude – So Make It Good

Attitude determines altitude, so take the steps needed to make yours great!

It’s not just a cliché, your attitude really does determine your altitude. So, take action now to get an attitude that leads to success. Your success and your attitude are both things you control. Think about it, you have very little control over other people on the planet. Anyone who has ever attempted to parent a child or manage a staff has a clear understanding of just how difficult it is to control those others. However, your attitude about others and your reaction to what others do is completely within your control. Since these things are in your control, step up, stand firm, and adopt the attitude of a successful victor in all you do.

When your attitude is right, those around you see it and will recognize success is coming your way.

A few summers ago my daughter, who was a college sophomore, got her first “real” job as an administrative intern at a great company. She got to work early each day and stayed late most evenings. My daughter worked hard at her job and she was well compensated.  She did such a great job her boss offered her additional employment opportunities. Her boss, who was a smart, determined and powerful woman, took my daughter under her wings and mentored her. None of this would have happened without my daughter having an attitude for success. The attitude for success is not something that comes naturally with age or experience. It is not something that appears by chance. The attitude for success shows up when a person decides to have it. The attitude for success is free of charge and available to all who want to have it. So, step up and claim your attitude for success. If you do, success itself will follow.

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9 thoughts on “Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude – So Make It Good”

  1. I agree with you 100% that attitude determines how well things go in life for you (like the job example). If you CHOOSE to have a poor attitude, it won’t get you anywhere in life! Great post!

  2. I totally agree that your attitude “shifts” once you decide to take control and change your mindset!

  3. This rings so true! A positive attitude can definitely change your mood and outlook on life!

  4. Yes, this is so true which is why my mantra “When You Wake Up Looking Up – Everything Else is Gravy Baby!” is what I live by as the attitude is vital to survival!

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