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Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude – So Make It Good — 13 Comments

  1. I love a successful attitude! It really does work! Confidence is super important!

  2. This is SO true. A bad attitude makes no one want to be around you AND its super discouraging. Staying positive can be hard but its worth it!

  3. Yes! I feel like positivity goes a long ways in life. Great reminders.

  4. Easier said than done. No matter how positive and successful attitude can be .. something comes up and throws things out of wack

  5. This is absolutely true. Someone once told me that we are in charge of how our day will be when we wake up every day. We can choose to have a miserable day by being negative and grumpy or we can have a fabulous day by snapping out of any horrible situations we’re in and just trying to be positive!

  6. What a great post and reminder for everything I have to be grateful for. I woke up in a witchy mood with increased back pain (long story) and have been in a bad mood all day from the pain. Tomorrow I’m going to wake up feeling grateful that even though I have to live with my pain, I’m alive and well and it could have gone the other way but it didn’t.

  7. This is such a great reminder to remain positive! There are days when I really struggle with it but it does change your outlook and how others view you.

  8. this is so true! My brother was a downer for the longest time – he went into therapy for about 2 years – and now his attitude is like a ray of sunshine. Good things just follow him now.

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