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Creating Confidence – You Can Do It! — 20 Comments

  1. Words of inspiration. My husband says the same things, thing for the best cause all that happens with worry is wasting time not going for the best! Have a fantastic Friday!

  2. This is a phenomenal way to think and I love all the optimism. I definitely need it!

  3. I’ve been doing this for years and it has turned my life around. It’s so important to begin your day with a positive attitude, and so easy to do. Thanks for sharing!

  4. It is so important to try to have a positive attitude. I always try to smile at people when I am out. A good mood can be contagious.

  5. I like to start my day thinking of all the positives in my life. It puts me in a great mood for the day.

  6. We definitely have power over things if we have the mindset of confidence. I love this motivation!

  7. So, so true. I started thinking about your words and you are absolutely right. I have been working on bolstering my confidence for a little over a year and I think some of it is actually taking hold. One day at a time to do something AMAZING!

  8. You’re right. Each day we have on this Earth is such an amazing opportunity to do something amazing. We should embrace that and work hard to do our best!

  9. I love inspiring messages. Sometimes I need uplifting words like these to get my through my week.

  10. I love what you call each day, these are all great ways to be more self-confident. We can all use some boosting from time to time, great to have happened upon this article!

  11. I love that you have attached positive adjectives to each day of the week. I am going to have to start doing this.

  12. It took me awhile to build confidence in myself and my abilities. Sometimes, it’s easy to get lost when people try their best to overshadow you but I think back on all the things I’ve accomplished.

  13. I love the idea of dressing to show your confidence. But more than that, the naming of the days of the week is just brilliant.

  14. What a great outlook to have. A Serene Sunday sounds absolutely peaceful.

  15. What a way to frame your mind! I stead of manic monday hump day wedsnesday!! Ah I love it! Making me more ex cited and it’s half way through the day already!

  16. I think this is something everyone could use. I also have a husband, 4 kids, and a dog. The dog seems to grasp these concepts naturally, but the rest of us need to work at them!

  17. This is such a great way to look at the week. I am going to make today a terrific Tuesday.

  18. Great idea, I actually think I will show this to my daughter. She starts school soon and it would be great for her!

How do these ideas work in your world?

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